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Catalyst: A Creative Industries Podcast

Mar 30, 2023

Catalyst is a Creative Industries podcast, from Chapman University. Each episode features Chapman students who have completed a Podcasting course through the Center for Creative and Cultural Industries at the university. Students who had no podcasting experience or technical ability in the genre before taking the course were able to contribute all the segments to Catalyst this season with the goal being that they will take this ‘hands-on’ experience and carry it over to the launching of their very own series. Each episode of Season 9 will feature one to two different interviews conducted by CCI students, exploring different aspects of the Creative and Cultural Industries.

We start season nine with a very special interview conducted by Pamela Coelho. Pam was able to sit down and speak with Professor Sara Pepper the Director of Creative Economy at Cardiff University and Professor of Communication and Creative Industries at Cardiff University's School of Journalism, Dr Justin Lewis.

Professors Pepper and Lewis were meeting with Chapman University’s Center for Creative and Cultural Industries Director, Dr. Patrick Fuery, and giving several lectures on Chapman’s campus when Pam was able to grab several minutes of their time for the Catalyst interview.  Hear how both Professor Pepper and Lewis became interested and involved in the Creative sector in the UK, what Creative Industries looks like in Cardiff, Wales, and how Cardiff University interacts with and supports local CCIs.