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Catalyst: A Creative Industries Podcast

May 28, 2020

All of the hosts and interviewers you’ll hear from for the rest of this season are Chapman students who have completed the Podcasting class, which is just one of the topics offered through the Center for Creative and Cultural Industries course: 304-Creative and Cultural Industries in Practice. In class, we focus on the relationship between theory and practice. This means that after discussions focused on the importance of podcasts in modern media, we go out and create our own podcasts. Students who had no podcasting experience or technical ability were able to contribute all of the segments to the Chapman Catalyst podcast, with the goal being that they will take this ‘hands-on’ experience and carry it over to the launching of their very own series.

In this very special episode of Catalyst, Chapman students Nick Downs and Kristian Kung hunt down elusive Chapman hip-hop artist Mountos. As they sit down with him and talk about his inspirations the conversation turns to look at where he creatively draws from not only for his beats but also for his lyrics. We soon discover that Mountos considers lyrics much more than words on a piece of paper. Mountos is also responsible for his music, and Nick and Kristian discuss the differences between rapping over your own beats, or using someone else’s.