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Catalyst: A Creative Industries Podcast

Jun 12, 2020

All of the hosts and interviewers you’ll hear from for the rest of this season are Chapman students who have completed the Podcasting class, which is just one of the topics offered through the Center for Creative and Cultural Industries course: 304-Creative and Cultural Industries in Practice. In class, we focus on the relationship between theory and practice. This means that after discussions focused on the importance of podcasts in modern media, we go out and create our own podcasts. Students who had no podcasting experience or technical ability were able to contribute all of the segments to the Chapman Catalyst podcast, with the goal being that they will take this ‘hands-on’ experience and carry it over to the launching of their very own series.

In the final episode of the fourth season, Ryan sits down with Shannon Halverson, the CCI Program Manager at the Center for Creative and Cultural Industries at Chapman University. Ryan talks to Shannon about what the impetus was for the creation of the Catalyst podcast, and the first three seasons. Their discussion also focuses on what CCI means, and why she believes it is an important part of the Chapman campus. Then Shannon turns the tables, and interviews Ryan about this fall’s podcasting class. They discuss work done in CCI 304 during the fall 2019 semester, and the kinds of changes and improvements he wants to make for the upcoming 2020 fall class. Listen in to this thrilling wrap up of Catalyst’s fourth season!