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Catalyst: A Creative Industries Podcast

May 19, 2020

All of the hosts and interviewers you’ll hear from for the rest of this season are Chapman students who have completed the Podcasting class, which is just one of the topics offered through the Center for Creative and Cultural Industries course: 304-Creative and Cultural Industries in Practice. In class, we focus on the relationship between theory and practice. This means that after discussions focused on the importance of podcasts in modern media, we go out and create our own podcasts. Students who had no podcasting experience or technical ability were able to contribute all of the segments to the Chapman Catalyst podcast, with the goal being that they will take this ‘hands-on’ experience and carry it over to the launching of their very own series.

In this episode, Nicole and Emma present their interview of Sophie, a recent Chapman grad and fashion designer. Our two interviews ask Sophie what it’s like to be in that one moment in between school and the rest of your life. Sophie explains the three best ways to get a head start in the industry (connections, connections, and connections), and what her connections are. What are you supposed to do if you don’t have connections though? How do you know if exploring fashion design is right for you? And once you have decided on fashion design, what is the right type of fashion? High? Runway? High runway? And if the runway is too high, will the models fall? On this episode of the Catalyst Podcast, you’ll get answers to all of those questions, and so much more.