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Catalyst: A Creative Industries Podcast

Oct 21, 2018

Leaving the small town for the big city, seeing the world, doing the job you are passionate about. This life is one that Photographer Taea Thale embarked upon almost 20 years ago…er, well not quite 20, let’s not focus on the number! Taea followed her dreams to New York, becoming a well-respected photographer, with a client list that includes The New York Times, W Magazine, NYLON Magazine, and JCREW to name just a few. But what is the price for following your dreams?

Hosts Taryn Stoop and Shannon Halverson-Gorajia talk about the reality of what living your dream as a creative can really be like, with some profound advice for any one going into a fast paced fast changing creative industry, from the perspective of a driven and industrious woman.