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Catalyst: A Creative Industries Podcast

Nov 12, 2018

Have you ever been really good at something and thought I wish I could do this for a living? Conversely, have you ever been really good at something but then decided to walk away from it? Our lives are filled with hard choices almost from the time we start to make choices. But the decision of what you are going to do, what your career is going to be, whether or not you should follow your passion, has to be in the top five at least.

Hosts Taryn Stoop and Shannon Halverson-Gorajia join Ms. Mahon on a journey through her past to see how her passions helped to form the person she has become and have contributed to the career she has forged. But how her practical side also lead her to ask the question “Do you WANT this” at a crucial moment in her life. When the answer comes back “no” where you go from there?